Dimmet v1.1 (Pico-8 Game)

Dimmet by punkweight is an endless first-person dungeon-crawler made with PICO-8.

In this game, you find yourself in a seemingly endless dungeon. You are lost and have an urge to just keep going deeper. As you go deeper, you start to encounter ghosts, skeletons, and other monsters. You can collect gold as it can be used to buy health, weapon upgrades, and special items. When you are in a combat you must choose to block or attack. After your turn, the enemy will attack. The enemies’ health and hit chance will increase after every shop. You can also use special items. The special items list includes:

  • ‘Run’ allows you to escape an encounter.
  • ‘Defence’ gives you an armour and will protect you from the next hit.
  • ‘Bomb’ will harm the enemy.
  • ‘Full heal’ will give you full health.

When you die, your run will be over and you must start again from room 1.​