Promethean Legacy v2022.10.30 (Commodore 64 Game)

Promethean Legacy by Arlasoft has been released on the second-last October day in 2022 for the Commodore 64.

Quote from the homepage:

Promethean Legacy is a dice-rolling strategy game for the Commodore 64. You have six dice and the number of pips on the sides of each die can be increased (or decreased!). At the start of each game the dice have low numbers on each side, some are even blank.

Move the cursor over a dice and press fire to pick it up, then you can drag it to an open slot and press fire again to drop it. If the slot is not valid, the dice will return home.

Complete quests by placing qualifying dice into the slots, which will upgrade one or more of the dice involved, or reward you in some other way. The game is won when the five ‘monument’ quests are completed, which involve placing dice totalling a target amount that increases each time. Try and complete the game in as few turns as possible!

The catch is that you must keep at least one sacred fire burning after each turn. These can be lit by sacrificing a pip on one dice, by building a monument or completing certain other quests. The game is over if the fire runs out and no sacrifice is made or qualifying quest completed.