Apotris v3.3.0 (Nintendo Game Boy Advance Game)

Apotris by akouzoukos follows a game concept, everyone of us might be familar with. This is one of the better homebrew versions and is still regularly maintained. Give it a go if you like such games, you wont’t be disappointed.


* Added Classic Mode (based on NES, has both A-type and B-type)
* Added sub-modes for sprint and dig (sprint attack and dig efficiency)
* Added the Skin Editor where you can create your own skins
* Added 2 new skins and a new palette
* Reordered the graphics settings
* You can now see your total playtime in the settings screen (starts tracking from this update onward)
* It is now possible to reset a scoreboard by pressing L + R + Select while viewing it
* Improved DAS/ARR making it more consistent, though DAS might feel a bit faster
* Improved the “disable diagonals” option. Now the second key-press causing the diagonal is pressed when the first key is released, instead of ignored completely. This makes “rolling” the d-pad possible
* You can now input hold or rotate the next piece while in the line clear animation