Hero Core GBA v2022.10.31 (Nintendo Game Boy Advance Game)

Hero Core GBA by evanbowman is an action and adventure game, redone for GBA. The original game ‘Hero Core’ has been originally made by Daniel Remar. The GBA version is still in development.

The game follows a Flip Hero, who returns for the final battle against his nemesis, Cruiser Tetron. Like the first game, the controls are very simple and the gameplay is easy to learn. The non-linear game world allows you to tackle the boss machines in nearly any order, or head straight for Tetron’s headquarters at the center of the asteroid if you’re skilled enough. Your objectives in the game include:

  • Primary objective: Defeat your nemesis, Cruiser Tetron.
  • Secondary objective: Level up by destroying Tetron’s boss machines.
  • Tertiary objective: Collect all ten core computers scattered across the map.​