Hexes v2022.10.30 (Nintendo Game Boy Advance Game)

Hexes by Dania Rifki is a puzzle and shooter game released for GBA Jam 2022. This game is a demo, built up into 4 levels and the developer is still working on it.

The game’s objective is to match the number in the center with the target number displayed on top, and later move to the bottom left-corner. You can shoot your bullets by pressing ‘A’. They are made to hit enemies and modifiers. You are also provided with modifiers, which consist of operators (+/-/×/÷) and numbers, that, when hit, are stored into the ‘Modifier Slots’ in the bottom-right corner. If you have stored both operators and numbers, you can press B to input and modify the value of the center number. You can also overwrite the existing modifiers by simply hitting new ones.​