Tir Na Nog v2022.10.21 (Nintendo Game Boy (Color) Game)

Tir Na Nog by Rajcsányi László is a role playing, homebrew game created with GB Studio.

In the game, you control Cuchulain, who left the world of the living to enter Tír Na Nóg (a place of eternal happiness). Your task is to assemble the pieces for Calum’s seal. You can walk through the land of Tír Na Nóg, to various doors, cave entrances and paths you can find. These will be revealed during gameplay. If you opened a door and you have obtained the key for it, you will be able to enter it during the entire game time. Calum’s seal requires taking 2 items to the gates of Tír Na Nóg then put it in the chest there to complete your mission.​