Dawn Will Come v2021.09.20 (Nintendo Game Boy (Color) Game)

Dawn Will Come by eishiya is a survival horror game. It can be played on any emulator or a flashcart to play on a real Game Boy.

The game is all about having survival instincts to survive the dark night, full of crawling monsters. You assign a task to each person, each day (Rest, Guard, or Search). Once you’ve decided what everyone will do, select “do tasks” by the campfire to carry them out. As the developer says:

  • Resting will recover some health, but unguarded sleepers may be attacked in the night.
  • Guarding will protect your sleepers and supplies, but your guards may have to fight.
  • Searching will potentially get you useful supplies and new friends, but searchers may take damage from prowling monsters.

Search and explore different locations, find more people to enlarge your group. The game is built with an auto-save function.​