Bears stole your Picnic (PICO-1K Jam 2022) (Pico-8 Game)

Bears stole your Picnic by Powersaurus is a short, action game built for PICO-1k Jam 2022. In the game, your food is stolen by some bears, when you come back after a short round in the woods. Play the game using arrow keys to navigate the woods and grab all 5 stolen items – lemonade, cheese sandwich, crisps and apple before the bears get you, stealing it all back and you have to start again. The longer you take, the more bears will arrive to pinch on your food.

As the developer says, “This game is fairly janky. The depth sorting is rudimentary and glitches when you move quickly. In addition, there’s the very visible fisheye effect. I’m really pleased with the trees, given the space, and happy I managed to fit sound in at all.”​