Robot Jet Action v1 (C64 Game)

Robot Jet Action is a fabulous new Commodore 64 arcade-style platform game by Carrion and Jammer.


Life was peaceful in the land of retro games. One day, evil robots from other worlds attacked! They wanted to steal all the jewels from the old games. To keep all the diamonds, coins, stars or other gems from the old games, someone has to run them down and collect everything before they are taken! The hero that can do this is a nice little Robot. Equipped with a jetpack that is fast enough to collect everything before these evil robots do. Go from planet to planet, from game to game, and keep all these gems. Watch out for obstacles and avoid overheating your jetpack!


Idea, Design, Programming, Graphics:
Tomasz ‘Carrion’ Mielnik

Music and sound effects:
Kamil ‘Jammer’ Wolnikowski


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